Automation for

Real Estate.

Less time on admin. More time on business development and sales.

Use Cases

Real Time Data

Daily reports for the most recent mortgage rates, terms, regulatory changes, and whatever else you desire, to provide clients with the most current facts and advice.

Document Processing

Automating the extraction of data from legal documents such as contracts, leases, and deeds to streamline processing and reduce manual data entry errors.

Market Trend Analysis

Daily reports on market trends, including pricing fluctuations, demand shifts, and emerging areas of interest, for strategic planning and client advisement.

Included Integrations

brave spark
Pax Momentum
brave spark
Pax Momentum

What our customers say

Extracting data from contracts is boring and error prone. doFlo does it all for me so I can focus on sales and that sweet commission.

Ali Akan


A real time data feed coming from my competitor’s websites allows me to stay one step ahead.

Jessica Pang

Property Developer

My daily email report keeps me up-to-date with everything I need to know, with no effort.

Kate Cheeseman

Estate Agent Administrator

My google forms data feeds into my CRM, which then pings me an email with an alert and summary of lead.

Kenan Akay

Business Owner

Finally, an automation platform that focuses on estate agents. Thank you!

Honza Silig


Start with doFlo templates

Post public response

Open Ticket –> Alert Team via Slack –> Generate response using AI and knowledge base -> Send response to Slack -> After approval, post response to google store console -> Post response to sheet -> Close ticket

Generate report of competitor chatter

Monitor designated competitor websites –>Summarize with ChatGPT –> Enter new blog posts and summaries to sheet –> Generate summary report and add to slack channel

Generate summary of global news using my keywords

Capture news from chosen sources –> Filter news with keywords –> Post links or summary of news to Slack channel

Post dashboard alert info to relevant channel and tag team members

Measurement threshold exceeded –> Post alert details into Slack channel –> tag correct team members

Weekly email summary of trends from batch of feedback

Read batch data user data –> Recognise trends / patterns using AI model –> Email report on trend activity once per week

It’s time to automate the doFlo way.