The new way to Automate.

It’s easy. With doFlo, If you can plot a flow chart, you can make sophisticated workflows, that never fail, in minutes.

The old way…



Workflows are high friction to set up and often require technical knowledge to incorporate a high value workflow into your operations.



Managed to setup a workflow? News flash. That’s only half the job, because you need to maintain them too. They’re going to regularly fail, without warning, and it’s going to be hard to debug. Have fun with that!

Partial processes.


Fast scaling company? Ooops! Your workflows won’t scale with you because you’re limited to partial processes, with questionable value. It’s impossible to scale to sophisticated workflows when limited to state driven and linear workflow deisgn.

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The doFlo way…

Easy and for anyone.

Build automated workflows in a notation system you already know and love. Our AI will turn your drag and drop flow chart into a fully working automation, using simple annotations in plain English. No coding required.

Reliable. Always.

Our workflows never fail. Once you’ve set them up, you can forget about them and enjoy the hours of time you’ve got back.

Limitless scalability.

We’re not limited to partial process- with questionable value. We’re all in. Build workflows and scale with them to virtually any complexity. The limit is your innovation.

Start with doFlo templates

Post public response

Open Ticket –> Alert Team via Slack –> Generate Response using ChatGPT and knowledge base -> Provide response via slack channel -> After approval, post response to google store console -> Post response to sheet -> Close ticket

Generate report of competitor chatter

Monitor designated competitor websites –> –>Summarize with ChatGPT –> Enter new blog posts and summaries to sheet –> Generate summary report and add to slack channel

Generate summary of global news using my keywords

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Post dashboard segment-specific alert details to relevant channel and tag relevant team members

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Summary of trends from batch of feedback

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doFlo’s Mission

We believe that AI will radically change the workplace, but we also believe workers must be in control of that transformation. AI should not replace people, but instead empower them.

What people are saying about doFlo

DoFlo allows me to imagine a process I want to automate, and get it done with no code or hassle.

Lloyd Waldo

Marketing Leader

doFlo has saved my team a load of time so that we can focus on developing the business beyond BAU.

Jeremy Jackman

Financial Business Partner

We love doFlo. It’s as easy as Lucid Charts, but automates the workflow for you!


Charlotte Drake

Business Owner

doFlo has allowed my business to survive the down market.


Emre Aksahin

Business Owner

We’ve seen improved customer satisfaction and now meet partner SLAs with 100% reliability.

Jack Sugden

Customer Support Lead

It’s time to automate the doFlo way.